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  • NEW Wessex Scrubmaster available for demonstration

    NOW AVAILABLE FOR DEMONSTRATIONIdeal for controlling areas of dense vegetation or heavy scrubland, the Wessex Scrubmaster has an enviable reputation for serious scrub-clearing ability. At work in woodlands and areas of forest across the UK and Europe, the Scrubmaster will power it's way unstoppably through dense brush and scrub. Constructed from heavy gauge steel plate with an exceptionally high performance drive system, the Scrubmaster is built to last; testament to this is the fact that our spare parts department receive calls for spare parts from users of Scrubmasters in excess of 30 years old!The Scrubmaster can be ordered with either blade or chain cuttersBlade assembly - comprises of 4 heavy duty reversible blades mounted on a large hardened steel square plate, delivering over 2000 1 ton impact cuts per minute. The blade cutters give a cleaner cutting action than chains when cutting wood material, and can be used for controlling grass & weed growth.Chain cutters - are recommended for use in areas where there is a likelihood of tree stumps and boulders which could cause damage to blades. Three high tensile chains are mounted on a circular boss, and will lacerate cut material more than blades, accelerating the breakdown of woody and fibrous scrub growth.Adjustable side skids - with replaceable wear shoes are re-positioned to alter the cutting height. The skids are positioned so that the working width is only marginally less than the overall width allowing the machine to cut close to trees in plantations and stumps.Fully floating headstock - allows the machine to be dragged across the rough ground with minimal stress to the frame of the machine, whilst a heavy galvanised chain takes the weight of the machine when lifted out of work.Optional rear castoring wheel assembly - is available for use in applications where the machine needs to manoeuvre around trees without lifting out of work.Heavy gauge steel tailgates - retain debris beneath the machine for thorough mulching.Drive - transmitted via a friction plate clutch to the heavy gearbox with hardened, bevel gears running in an oil bath for smooth operation. The cutter assembly is welded on a tapered hub which locks onto the gearbox output shaft.For more information see http://www.wessexintl.com/sm-66-scrubmaster-rotary-slasher-with-blade-cutters.php
  • Charterhouse at World Cup in Brazil

    The 12 stadiums hosting the World Cup in Brazil will no doubt be impressive come the Opening Ceremony. However, the heavy wear and challenging growth conditions will put a lot of pressure on the pitches so the preparation has seen much turfstripping, verticutting and overseeding in the build up. Redexim products have been at the forefront of this work. Brazilian football pitches are generally Bermuda grass based which doesn’t stand the Brazilian tropical conditions very well. Due to the winter dormancy of this species the pitches need to be reinforced with temperate sports turfgrass to provide the perfect playing surface during the tournament.Only one stadium, the new Corinthians stadium of Sao Paulo, already contained ryegrass – and that is being cooled down through pipes containing cool water from underneath. The other 11 stadiums, as well as in most of the training grounds, currently contain Bermuda grass. In the months of April and May the process of replacing this grass took place.The to either ‘fraise mow’ or ‘verticut and thin out’ down to the roots. Fraise mowing removes turf, weeds and thatch from a pitch in one pass and the optional rotor containing verticut blades completes the thinning out.Redexim Turf Stripper machines was applied to either ‘fraise mow’ or ‘verticut and thin out’ down to the roots. Fraise mowing removes turf, weeds and thatch from a pitch in one pass and the optional rotor containing verticut blades completes the thinning out.
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    We now have the 2014 Range of Toys, Clothing, Merchandise available in store and online at www.nairnbrownshop.com.
  • New Products for 2014

    New machines from John Deere's comprehensive golf and turf maintenance product range will be featured at BTME 2014 in Harrogate in January ( main stand no. M58 ).

    Set your John Deere machine up just the way you want it.
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